Purchase and sale of companies & due diligence

compraventa de empresas

Corporate lawyer | Legal advisor in company purchase or sale contracts

Devesa & Calvo Abogados in Alicante, Madrid and Valencia offers you its team of lawyers’ broad experience in negotiation processes for the purchase or sale of companies as a going concern. This service may have two forms, depending on the client’s choice:

a) Exclusively legal and fiscal advice. A detailed due diligence report is carried out to detect possible legal or fiscal risks that may affect the transaction. Similarly, our specialist lawyers will draft and/or revise all documents and contracts used in the transaction. We will resolve all the legal or fiscal issues raised by the transaction in question, and we will subsequently recommend the best legal and fiscal strategy to employ in order to protect our clients’ interests.

b) Negotiation and legal/fiscal advice (premium option). In addition to the services outlined in point a), our expert lawyers will take charge of negotiations for the purchase or sale of companies under the premises and within the limits previously discussed with the client. This is the best option for cases in which friendship or kinship exists between the parties involved. This is also ideal for clients who prefer a professional approach to negotiations and who wish to avoid spending all the time this type of process requires, with their consequent serious headaches and multiple issues that must be resolved.

We approach company purchase or sale transactions with a multidisciplinary outlook, analysing possible legal risks as a team and with collaboration, whatever their nature: urban planning encumbrances, administrative law issues that may affect the transaction, labour, commercial and fiscal risks, registry issues for the property subject to registration in public registries, etc.

If you wish to purchase or sell a company with optimal guarantees anywhere in Spain or even through international transactions, this is the service you need and we are your trusted firm that will help you complete the deal. Years of professional practice and large-scale transactions with successful results back us up.

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