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About takeover bids: What are they and how do they work?

Takeover bids in Spain represent a crucial mechanism within the legal and financial framework for the acquisition of shares of listed companies in the Spanish market. What is a takeover bid? A takeover bid is a transaction whereby all the shareholders of a listed company are offered to acquire its shares or any securities that […]
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How does the distribution of dividends affect a company when its partner is not a tax resident in Spain?

There are many cases in which a company established in Spain distributes dividends to its partner who is not a tax resident in Spain. In this type of case, both Spanish companies and non-resident partners encounter difficulties in determining the taxation of this income. This is due to the fact that not only are Spanish […]
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The international joint venture agreement as a formula to internationalise a business

Many clients come to law firms to tell us that they intend to manufacture their products abroad or to internationalise their business by selling their products or services in other markets they do not yet reach. On many occasions, moreover, clients tell us that they want (or need) to internationalise their activity with a local […]
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Mecanismos de protección en colaboración con terceros

How can I protect my clients, suppliers and employees in cooperation agreements with third parties?

Entering into partnerships with third parties outside our company is key to business growth, enabling companies to leverage synergies, expand market reach and improve operational efficiency. However, in most cases, these agreements involve third parties having access to sensitive data about our organisation, such as our network of clients, suppliers or employees. Therefore, in addition […]
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Personal income tax exemption for work carried out abroad

In the process of internationalisation and globalisation in which the business world is currently involved, it is increasingly common for company employees and managers to be sent temporarily from Spain to work abroad to carry out work of different levels of qualification, either for end clients or, on many occasions, for subsidiaries of the group in the […]
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La notificación electrónica judicial a las empresas

Electronic judicial notice to businesses

Reform of the Civil Proceedings Law Royal Decree-Law 6/2023 of 19 December, approving urgent measures for the implementation of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan in the areas of public service of justice, civil service, local government and patronage, has thoroughly reformed the Civil Procedure Act. How to notify a civil judicial procedure to a […]
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