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Devesa & Calvo Abogados is a national law firm specialised in business law. Our mission is to provide value to companies, investors and institutions that operate in Spain, by providing excellent legal and tax services. Founded in 2007, our organisation currently has its own offices in Alicante, Madrid and Valencia, from where we provide services throughout the entire national territory.

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Do you need legal or tax advice? Lawyers in Madrid, Alicante and Valencia.

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Daniel Morata

«When we decided to sell our company Nuovvo, it was a great decision to count on the law firm Devesa to advise us on the M&A transaction, as well as on the tax restructuring and the preparation and organisation of the Due Diligence. When you are in the hands of professionals of their stature, you can turn a complex business sale operation into a structured and simple process, understanding perfectly and knowing in detail what the next step to take is»

Director General - Renoveduch

Ignacio Gutiérrez Gil de Muro

«In 2018 I was recommended to Devesa, thus initiating our relationship with the labour advice and accompaniment for a subrogation of workers to our company. Since then, we have placed total trust in their team and we have lived together the evolution of the firm over the years and the incorporation of great professionals to it. From Cauchos Karey we congratulate them on their 15th anniversary and wish them the best of luck for their new challenges»

Cauchos Karey S.A. - CEO

Carlos Bosch

«Devesa is key to the growth of the Gastro Portal Group. When we decided to open up markets in other cities and expand our projects, we had to look for a legal partner capable of helping us develop all the agreements and business strategies that are key to our future project. Without their help, it would be impossible to undertake with any guarantee of success. Their professionalism, their team and their response in time and form, help us to ensure our future and our expansion in different cities and even in other countries»

Fundador y CEO - Grupo Gastroportal (bar Manero, El Portal, Mar Mia)

Sergio Aguilar

«Discovering the firm of Devesa was key for our company, as we have been growing at a steady rate of over 25% for many years and this kind of growth requires a first class legal partner»

Vicepresidente EMEA - Stoller Group

Ramón Rives

«We have been using their services for a little over a year now, and it seems like we have been with them all our lives. They are a team of great professionals, but above all they are better people. They offer us an exquisite, close and rigorous treatment, and they are already part of the Avecox family»

Fundador y CEO - Avecox

Alfredo Bataller Parietti

«It is a pleasure to see people and companies with solid ethics and values like Devesa grow and progress. During all these years, we have felt very well advised and supported by their excellent team»

Fundador y Presidente - SHA Wellness Clinic
Group 236

Javier García

We were fortunate to start collaborating with the Devesa firm practically from its beginning. They always conveyed to us their high level of commitment to their clients and little by little, what started with occasional collaborations, has become a solid relationship that makes them our main office. It has been a pleasure to have worked side by side with them all these years and we hope to continue for many more»

CEO - Hoteles Magic Costa Blanca
Group 237

Corina Gogan

«Devesa has allowed us to focus exclusively on the growth and optimisation of our operations, being able to completely disengage from the tax and legal area. Their level of competence, proximity and unbeatable service make us work as a team. Thank you for your support over the years»

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - Pavigym


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Lawyers in Madrid, Alicante and Valencia.

Devesa is a law firm specialized in meeting with a high level of excellence the needs of legal advice, tax and legal direction in the process of companies, investors and institutions. Therefore, among our range of services and our business vision, you will find areas aimed at generating savings, eliminating legal contingencies and regulatory compliance for any type of economic sector…

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