Criminal law


Criminal lawyer in Alicante, Madrid and Valencia.

The Procedural Area at Devesa & Calvo Abogados, led by the prestigious lawyer, Sebastián Crespo Baeza, finds one of its strong points in criminal law, where we offer a magnificent defence or accusation strategy to our clients. Although there are many criminal aspects contained in the hundreds of cases managed by our Procedural Area, those of an economic, corporate and commercial nature stand out.

Our catalogue of criminal law services include those related to the following areas:

  • Corporate offences.
  • Criminal business law.
  • Crimes against assets.
  • Crimes against the Public Administration, Administration of Justice, Public Treasury and Social Security.
  • Environmental offences.
  • Crimes against privacy, honour and image.
  • Document forgery.
  • Crimes against persons.
  • Pardon petitions.

The criminal lawyers at Devesa & Calvo Abogados in Alicante, Madrid and Valencia offer each client personalised, professional attention from the outset. As well as the support of our criminal lawyer in Alicante, Madrid and Valencia our clients may request help in other areas of law.


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