Administrative and urban planning law


Administrative and urban planning lawyers in Alicante, Madrid and Valencia.

Devesa & Calvo Abogados in Alicante, Madrid and Valencia has a department specialising in administrative and urban planning law, led by Horacio Alonso Vidal, who is a partner at our firm with a PhD in law; this department deals with institutions, companies and administrative bodies. We offer personalised legal advice in the administrative phase and public administrative litigation for all types of matters regarding the public administration, including legal representation in urban planning instruments and defence amid disciplinary proceedings.

Urban Planning Law

  • Legal reports or opinions to respond to queries and legal defence in this specialism. Planning, programming, management and urban planning discipline and expropriations. Drafting of urban plans, programmes and documents. Advice in client negotiations with the different public administrations.

Public Contracts

  • Drafting of bid specifications, documents and contracts. General advice in relation to contracts. Legal defence of the client’s position before the Administration and special State or Autonomous Community courts ruling on contractual matters.

Contacting our urban planning lawyer in Alicante, Madrid or Valencia is a safe belt for clients seeking a trusted, professional service.

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