Public Administrations and Institutions


Devesa & Calvo offers institutions and public administrations a team of high-level specialists to provide them with services in the legal, tax and procedural fields. In this sense we have experience in defending the interests of administrations at all different territorial levels, local and regional, as well as regarding mixed capital entities (public-private).

Among the services that we provide to public administrations, institutions and mixed capital entities, the following are some noteworthy:

  • Urbanism and environment: urban planning and management, urban discipline, expropriations, ruins and execution orders, dumping, environmental damage.
  • Civil service and personnel: approval of the list of jobs (RPT), collective bargaining, disciplinary proceedings, dismissals, remuneration and rights of personnel, proceedings for the selection and access of personnel to the civil service.
  • Administrative contracts and public heritage: contract specifications, processing of selection procedures and awarding of contracts, resolution of appeals on contracts, concessions on the public domain and leasing or assignment of assets, boundary procedure and reversal of public assets, ex officio recovery of the public domain.
  • Internal regime and municipal organisation: agreements by the governing bodies, ordinances and regulations, claims in matters of property liability or damage caused to public heritage, relations and agreements with other administrations.
  • Intervention in claims of a civil nature, defence of members of the corporation or its officials in criminal proceedings, filing of complaints, claims related to right to honour or right to self-image.
  • Continuous legal, tax and/or labour advice, with resolution of queries and issuance of reports.
  • With regard to mixed capital entities (i.e. with participation of the public administration in their share capital): functions of secretary of the Board of Directors or legal counsel, commercial advice, corporate restructuring, amendments to the By-Laws, etc.