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Lawyer specialising in international trade Alicante, Madrid and Valencia.

Here at Devesa & Calvo Abogados, our range of legal services for companies in a country as entrepreneurial as Spain simply must include advice in relation to international trade and internalisation. These are businesses that have been able to position themselves abroad and win markets in other countries; businesses that have been able to overcome the difficult economic environment suffered by the Spanish economy in recent years.

We support our clients in their international transactions and business, aiming to offer them the best legal and fiscal guarantees during the challenge. Our international trade specialists and their skills in different languages make for an excellent tool that we make available to all companies that view their international outlook as a key factor to success in today’s highly globalised market.

The International Trade Area at Devesa & Calvo Abogados in Alicante, Madrid and Valencia offers different services related to international trade, including:

  • Advice on import or export conditions and procedures, customs, necessary documentation and trade barriers.
  • Legal assistance and counsel in the business process involved in international contracts.
  • Transport and insurance law in international aspects to minimise the potential legal risks of each transaction as far as possible.
  • Drafting and review of international contracts: international sale or purchase, agency and distribution contracts, among many others.
  • Negotiation of contractual terms and conditions with foreign clients, exporters and importers.
  • Study of international financing transactions in legal terms. Negotiation of financial terms and conditions on behalf of the client.
  • Claims regarding unpaid international bills or defective goods.
  • International arbitration and coordination with local firms to take legal action in other countries.
  • Intellectual property in international terms.
  • Study of the tax implications of international transactions.
  • Formation of subsidiaries, new companies or representative offices in third countries, in coordination with trusted local firms.

Contacting a lawyer specialised international law in Alicante, Madrid and Valencia is really simple thanks to Devesa & Calvo, where lawyers offer clients top service and professionalism in full confidence.


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