Tax Advice


At Devesa we offer a comprehensive tax advice service for companies, both proactively and planned. We work with businesses throughout Spain from our offices in Alicante, Madrid and Valencia. The ultimate goal of this tax advice service is to provide the client with added value and procure the lowest fiscal risks possible for them.

Prior to each transaction and the close of the financial year we perform a study to reduce the company’s fiscal cost, making the most of incentives and alternatives permitted by law in order to do so.

Ongoing tax advice

  • Queries regarding the application of different taxes.
  • Latest information on regulations and interpretative criteria.
  • Monitoring meetings during the financial year.
  • Monitoring during the financial year
  • Accounting and fiscal close.
  • Tax groups.
  • Related transactions.
  • Management of large asset portfolios.

Tax reviews

  • Diagnosis of the company’s fiscal situation and net worth.
  • Tax reviews in company purchase or sale transactions (due diligence).
  • Tax aspects in: financing models (project finance), company assessments and viability plans.

Specific areas of tax practice

  • Industry and services.
  • Hotels, tourism and leisure.
  • Real estate investment trusts.
  • Real estate and construction.
  • Publicly owned or mixed-ownership companies.
  • Large asset portfolios and family business.
  • Venture capital entities.
  • Renewable energies.
  • Sportive entities.
  • Not-for-profit foundations and associations.

Specific areas of tax practice

  • Corporate reorganisation operations.
  • Estate and succession planning for the family business.
  • Study and development of business purchase and sale transactions.
  • Analysis of contracts and complex investments, either national or international.
  • Application of double taxation agreements.


  • Management and revenue.
  • Verification and inspection actions.
  • Economic and public administrative claims.
  • Public administrative appeals.
  • Queries made to the tax authorities.

Memorandums and legal opinions

  • Complex or controversial tax issues.
  • Regulatory status.
  • Doctrine and case law.
  • Approaches or alternatives.