Corporate compliance


For those subjects obliged to comply with the regulations on Prevention of Money Laundering and Whistleblower Channel, it is essential to have an effective planning of Criminal Compliance. The elaboration of an adequate business risk map facilitates the detection of possible infractions, mitigating or releasing the company’s liability and thus ensuring the company’s reputation. 

In today’s dynamic business environment, adaptability and legal excellence are essential. In the Regulatory Compliance department we are aware of these needs and, in this sense, we incorporate them as essential pillars in our services, especially with regard to Regulatory Compliance (Criminal Compliance, Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism, and management of the Whistleblower Channel). 

The prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing is nowadays mandatory. We protect your company’s financial integrity, strengthening its reputation and ensuring a comprehensive management of operations. 

In a world where transparency is synonymous with integrity, our Whistleblower Channel complies with the most rigorous regulations. We provide a secure and confidential means of reporting questionable conduct, promoting business ethics and safeguarding the organization’s reputation. 

Compliance is not only a legal requirement, but also a strategic asset for companies seeking to build and preserve a solid reputation. Our team of compliance professionals creates a comprehensive framework that minimizes the risk of legal sanctions, builds trust, and promotes sustainable growth. 

Among the services that make up the Regulatory Compliance: 

  • Risk mapping 
  • Development of policies and protocols 
  • Manuals 
  • Due diligence and enhanced due diligence 
  • External advisory services 
  • Software implementation 
  • Internal channel management 
  • External channel management 
  • Staff training