M&A and Capital Markets


Devesa’s M&A and Capital Markets team is comprised of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience and knowledge in the sale and acquisition of companies, mergers, and investment market. We consistently anticipate the needs of our clients to successfully guide them through such transactions, as well as structural modification processes, including mergers, spin-offs, and corporate restructurings, both at the national and cross-border levels.

Additionally, we provide guidance on acquisition operations, asset and/or liability transfers, business segments, and joint ventures. Within this realm, and in accordance with client needs, Devesa offers comprehensive advice in the necessary process of reviewing legal contingencies arising from these operations, conducting due diligence procedures with the aim of minimizing risks and maximizing investment.

The team’s extensive experience in the Private Equity and Venture Capital sector enables us to understand and design innovative strategies for the implementation of optimal and efficient investment and divestment structures. We create and design the necessary investment vehicles to ensure the success of investment, capitalization, and divestment transactions.

Devesa’s comprehensive services are focused on all phases of M&A and Private Equity investment procedures. This includes pre-investment stages such as confidentiality agreements, negotiation of non-binding offers, binding offers, or review processes. We also cover intermediate and closing stages resulting from the implementation of the operation structure, execution of funding rounds, incentive plans, executive contracts, shareholder agreements, or documents associated with the closing.