Commercial Contracting

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Our work focuses on assisting our clients in the drafting, review and analysis of contracts and documents of a similar nature, whether civil or commercial, which regulate their commercial relations with third parties in the ordinary course of their business, ensuring and protecting corporate interests by including terms and conditions that reinforce the client’s contractual position.

Our firm’s professionals provide legal advisory services in the process of drafting, negotiating and reviewing commercial contracts within the different sectors in which our clients operate, also including international contracts with the different third parties with whom our clients contract abroad in the development or execution of their activity, highlighting in this regard contracts for the sale and purchase of goods, agency and distribution contracts, international franchise contracts, among others.

Our services include the drafting, analysis and review of all documents of a corporate nature, including contracts involving the different skateholders of the company, such as its partners, administrators, directors, proxies, managers, suppliers and clients.

In short, at our firm we focus on carrying out an exhaustive review of existing contracts to ensure their compliance and their adaptation to the regulations in force at any given time, thus offering a comprehensive service within the framework of commercial contracts.