The members of the litigation department of Devesa have a wide specialization in different areas of business law, with a recognized experience and knowledge in the Courts and Tribunals of the civil, commercial and criminal order, which allows them to set the most efficient legal strategy to defend the interests of our clients, either through the exercise of the corresponding legal action, or through an adequate response to the protection of the same. They also have extensive experience in arbitration proceedings.

The Litigation Department advises on a wide range of disputes in civil, commercial and criminal matters.

In the civil area, we can highlight the following:

• Construction litigation.
• Real estate ownership. Leases.
• Banking and insurance disputes.
• Damages.
• Contracts and contractual breaches.
• Civil liability.

In the commercial/mercantile area, we provide legal advice in proceedings arising from:

• Infringements of antitrust law.
• Corporate disputes (exercise of liability actions, both individual and corporate).
• Breaches of investment agreements.
• Liability of directors and senior executives.
• Objection to corporate agreements.

In the criminal field, our Department specializes in economic criminal law:

• Defense or prosecution in corporate crimes, crimes against property, document falsification and crimes against the public administration, against the administration of justice, against the Public Treasury and Social Security.