Data Protection


Our firm is aware of the importance of complying with data protection regulations and of the consequences that non-compliance may entail.

We have a team of specialists in Data Protection capable of offering all the legal solutions that a company needs in terms of the processing of personal data with a transversal approach that allows us to take into account the specific needs of each business.

Advances in technology mean that this area is constantly changing, and companies must keep up to date in order to comply adequately and avoid any type of non-compliance, which according to the current GDPR can lead to infringements consisting in most cases of fines of very high amounts and even linked to the annual turnover of the company in question.

The services we provide include:

• Audit to verify a company’s level of compliance.
• Preparation and implementation of regulatory compliance projects in this area.
• Drafting of contractual clauses on data processing and any documents necessary to adequately comply with current legislation (Record of Processing Activities, Protocols for the Exercise of Rights, Security Breach Management, etc.).
• Adaptation of website texts (legal notice, cookies policy and privacy policy).
• Reports and legal opinions on the protection and processing of personal data.
• Defence before the Data Protection Authority in sanctioning procedures.