Incorporation to Capital Markets and Alternative Financing


Our Corporate and M&A Department specialises in advising companies interested in obtaining financing through alternative channels, primarily by joining multilateral trading systems such as BME Growth or Euronext.

Our professionals have wide experience in the incorporation and/or adaptation of companies in order to allow them listing on alternative stock markets, advising our clients in the planning, execution and review of the different operations to be undertaken in order to adapt their companies to the legal requirements demanded by the different markets. Furthermore, the relationships that we have consolidated with the different agents linked to the capital markets allow us to offer global and multidisciplinary advice to our clients, assisting them in all phases of the IPO process. All of this has allowed us to consolidate our position as one of the national benchmarks in capital markets, having participated in several outstanding operations in our country, such as the first IPO of a football club.

Our firm also specialises in the incorporation and start-up of listed real estate investment companies (SOCIMIS) as real estate investment vehicles, as well as in the incorporation of private equity companies (SCR), all of which we always plan and execute in coordination with our colleagues from the Tax Department, who specialise in optimising the structure and taxation of these types of vehicles, which are increasingly in demand by many clients.

In addition, our professionals have also advised several companies in obtaining alternative financing to banking, through other mechanisms such as the entry Business Angels, Venture Capital, Crowdfunding or Crowdlending, among other possibilities.